Anthropology Applied to the Specificities of Rural Communities

Credits: 4

Program: Introduction to anthropological perspectives: basic concepts in anthropology; Culture and nature; Ethnicity, identities and otherness; Territories and territorialities. Cultural Diversity and Socioterritorial Configurations in the Contemporary World: Modernity, ethnocentrism and global-local dynamics; Syncretism, hybridism and sociodiversity; Cultural and natural heritage, and territorial identification strategies. Cultural Diversity and Rural Territories: Territories and territorialities; Anthropological views on development and its territorial approach; Ethnodevelopment, rural territories, traditional peoples and communities. Contemporary Ruralities: Territorial-based identity construction strategies and the multiple functions of ruralities; Mobilization and heritage of cultural and natural resources in rural territories; Tradition and innovation, knowledge and practices, production and consumption in the territorial dynamics of contemporary ruralities.